Ethics and aesthetics

NOW is the best time to live!

NOW is the best time to create the right goals, that are worth striving for. To make an effort, to enjoy life, whilst we are here. It is not enough only to control time, if we don’t have our feelings with us. We are all goal-setter’s, but we can’t frame what we can’t see. The Goals-portal is a free online tool to help aim for goals. Design with a direction and a meaning, that pictorially speaking is: the bow for the arrow you are shooting. The principle is simple: you get, what you focus on! The brain decodes visual content 60.000 times faster than text. Therefore images stand stronger in this process than both spoken and written words. So, when we imagine the best, it can appeal to the right here-and-now feelings, which can sprout and develop to reality. And we don’t need to wait for the result to be happy, live in abundance or whatever we set our mind to.

The portal is free of ads – developed as a communal inspiring space, a visual sanctuary where you refuel, set images on your goals and unfold creativity or learn to create large, physical groundbreaking wall collages that can be sold as artistic statements for the wall to renew and create growth. Big formats for big thoughts.

The internet is filled with images: royalty-free, StockPhoto sites, peoples own mobile photos etc. – Here we concentrate on the images that create positive moods, with captivating details and motives that ’say’ Wooooh! We have created a dynamic Freemium win-win frame for this. That means, that it is free to subscribe, and to develop the content and earn money, when other people wish to have your images printed on their walls in the home or workspace. The criterion is beautiful high quality images without pornographic or infringing items, and we reserve any right to delete images we do not believe meets the standard of this portal. You can therefore safely create your own makerspace and blog here. Upload the best goals photo you have. You will always have the rights to your own original images/pictures – So you only borrow them out for print and inspiration. You can upload, co-create collages and delete images/pictures at any time (from the beginning of 2018). The website is your own goal-oriented channel to share ideas and goals with the world. A renewing network that puts the best images on the now and the future.